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Update (2016/08/30 - 12:00 PM): AI pathfinding has been fixed! Check out the new screenshots to see the people climbing around the more complex creations. Please download V0.2 to try it out.

Update (2016/08/30 - 7:00 AM): AI pathfinding is broken and I am working on a fix. You can still build structures but don't expect the people to find ways up them.

Lil' Logs is a game about crafting and building.

You start out in a forest with a small camp nearby. You can take trees around you and turn them into blocks, ramps, and houses for the people. If there are houses, over time more people will "appear".


  • Trigger: grab items
  • Menu
    • While holding a craftable item: Bring up the crafting menu.
    • While holding a cloud: Remove cloud.
    • While holding nothing: Creates a cloud.

Clouds are your inventory. Just have a cloud nearby and stick an object in it to get it out of the way. Multiple items can be stored in a cloud, but they all must be of the same type.

AI pathfinding is buggy after placing a lot of items. I don't actually expect the people to climb towers. If the pathfinding works, the people will gather in nearby houses or around camp fires.

Sorry, no saving/loading yet. If enough people like the game, I'll add it in later.


Original mock designs

Development screenshots

Known bugs in V0.2:
  • Picking up and placing blocks too fast causes the game to stop letting you pick up blocks. I'm not sure what causes this, but just wait at least one second before placing a block you just picked up for now.
  • Camp fires are almost invisible in clouds.
  • Camp fires like to color clouds (Bug in VRTK?)
Known bugs in V0.1:
  • When creating logs by pulling off the leaves on a tree, the log preview placed object will be a tree instead of a log.
  • Things can be attached to the sides of logs and leaves, but leaves and logs cannot be attached sideways to other things.
  • Camp fires are almost invisible in clouds.
  • Camp fires like to color clouds (Bug in VRTK?)
  • Most of the AI Pathfinding (I'm amazed how much actually works)
    • Some people will revisit scenery on their way to a location.
      (Graph nodes can be visited more than once.)
    • Some people like to take the long way to a location.
      (Some graph nodes may not be reachable after placing or removing blocks)
    • Placing and removing a block next to the house allows people to walk through that wall of the house.
    • People don't like it when you place ramps in order of decreasing height. To please the people, place them in order of increasing height.
      (Graph nodes only connect properly when you place a ramp after the lower block has already been placed.)


Lil Logs V0.2.zip 14 MB
Lil Logs V0.1 14 MB


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Hi, I used this game to take my testing skills to VR. I found a couple of things that were interesting to find, let me know if you need a link to the screencapture I took while playing/testing.

The list of things I noticed:

  • Place a tree on a cloud, place a cloud on that tree, it starts to rotate and at some point even fly's off (this one was pretty funny to see)
  • Clouds normally float in the air, but you can make them fall by placing them on/in other objects, they drop to the ground like a tree/block/campfire
  • It's possible to smash a campfire into a open block by using another object (not per see a bug, but I did not expect this)
  • And reverse when you have a campfire in a open block and place it on a cloud, the campfire is suddenly pushed through the block
  • you can only make ramps up by using square blocks on which you place the triangle block, but after placing the triangle block, it's possible to remove the square ones (didn't expect that)

That was it for now, please send me a PM/e-mail when you want to have the screencapture and let me know what other details are handy for you to have which I could provide you as a tester.

Very cool little sandbox! Also appreciate the way the grid system is set up.